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What does an Aerial fitter do?
What does an Aerial fitter do?
An aerial & satellite engineer will often get questioned for a number of different services, all related to the job he does. So, what are the services an engineer offers. The first and main task they do is to carry out a Tv aerial installation for the Freeview Digital Tv. With the arrival of digital Tv many old style analogue aerials were found to be unsuitable for the task. Although they could receive digital Tv, the problem was that they failed to pick up all the channels broadcast and would often show a picture that would crack up and glitch. Due to this more and more home owners have had a Full band Tv Aerial Installed for the digital transmission.
In line with installations, the aerial & satellite fitter is often questioned to perform repairs to a faulty aerial system. Faults with an aerial system is often down to a few things. The most common is that of a decline in picture or picture freeze & crack up is down to h2o in possibly the Aerial head, the aerial cable or both. When you come across this the h2o will have penetrated inside of the cable and the copper braid will turn black, if the aerial head is compromised then in the dipole part of the aerial (where the cable connects to the aerial head) you would often see rust. These signs show a complete failure of the aerial system and would need to be replaced with a full Tv Aerial Installation including cables.
Other area's to look for faults in are if there is any amplifier being used. Possibly a mast head amplifier or a set again amplifier can are unsuccessful, and if they do, then the symptom is usually a complete decline of picture and seem coming from any of the TV's using the aerial system. This is a fairly easy and straight forward fix, as it is just a case of swapping over the faulty amp for a new one. The only difficulty in this will come from when the amp is positioned in a hard to reach location.
There are occasions when the picture quality is compromised and upon investigation, there seems to be nothing wrong with the aerial system alone. When this happens, the fault can be due to interference. This kind of interference can come from WIFI broadband routers being too shut to an amp or cable, but the interference can also be due to many other electronic systems in a home such as a thermostat on a boiler. Also atmospheric interference can be caused from a radio mast (crisis services or taxi's) and this cannot always be solved. Trial and error in the positioning of the Tv Aerial is sometimes the best solution.

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