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5 Tactics For How to Get Rid of Cold Sore Fast
5 Tactics For How to Get Rid of Cold Sore Fast
You've woken up and felt that well known tingle at the side of your mouth, and you know you're about to develop a cold sore. Now's the best time to begin treatment before the blisters actually develope, so if you want to know how to get rid of cold sores fast, check out some of the remedies below.
The vast majority of people who suffer from cold sores will head straight down to the pharmacy for an over the counter cold sore remedy. Here you'll find a range of creams, such as Docosanol cream, which not only has anti-viral properties, but which contain the anesthetic benzocaine. These creams have the dual advantage of helping to get rid of cold sore fast and also providing some relief from the discomfort. They're best applied as soon as you feel the tingling, but even if the sore has already appeared, and your skin has started blister, they'll help to reduce the duration of the sore
Other cold sore remedies found in the pharmacy include styptic pencils. Normally used to treat small cuts caused by shaving. These pencils can help to reduce the irritation caused by a cold sore. Rub it over the affected area twice a day.
Other drying agents available from the pharmacy include 70 % rubbing alcohol, an astringent which will dry out the affected area, and reduce the risk of contamination by bacteria.
If you're the kind of person who prefers to use natural remedies, when wondering how to get rid of cold sore fast then there are many ways.
Tea tree oil is probably the most popular natural remedies for cold sores. Like alcohol, it has astringent properties which helps to dry out the cold sore. You only need to use a few drops twice a day, but if you have sensitive skin, it's wise to test it on your inner wrist first, as it can be an irritant .
Sea salt is another way to get rid of cold sores fast. Apply it dry and press gently onto the blisters, sea salt will also help to dry out the sore. The minerals in sea salt are known to heal broken and inflamed skin quickly, and reduce the severity and duration of cold sores.
Of course, if you prefer to consult a health practitioner, they're likely to prescribe an anti-viral cream which, when applied to the skin as directed, will not only reduce the irritation and pain, but which will significantly reduce the duration of the outbreak.
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