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How to come off steroids
How to come off steroids

How to come off steroids

It is a very common question that what is the right way of coming off steroids? There are a large number of athletes who have to leave their games only because of wrong way of coming off the drugs. Some of them even had to lose their lives. It is a bitter reality that steroids if not used and coming off properly can damage the whole life of the user. So you should be very careful about it and never let it be the cause of your unexpected health disaster.В 

There may be several reasons of coming off steroids as there are many reasons of their use. The universal truth is this that the longer period of time you use drugs, the more dangerous would be the consequences. The mild doses of steroids can be handled easily and have a few after effects but high doses should always be administered sensibly so that the user cannot lose the high performance.

В In this article, I will discuss mainly the ways one should adopt to come off steroids. Though all these information is applied and found successful in majority of cases, yet there is no guarantee that if you will follow this information, you will remain safe.

First and most important thing is this that the users of steroids should have a predefined time period for the use of the drugs. In this way, he will have clear idea of when he has to stop the cycle and for how long he will give it a break so that steroids would not damage the natural function of body and create any problem. The other important thing is this that the users of steroids should stop taking these drugs slowly and steadily. If they will stop the usage at once, the consequences will be intolerable. Abrupt discontinuation should always be avoided so that the body would not enter an immediate catabolic phase.

It is also important that the users of steroids should take anti-estrogens , especially during the last weeks of steroids cycle. It would be helpful in avoiding estrogen surplus. They should take HCG during the last week of steroid regime because it directly affects body’s own testosterone production system (its stimulating effect is very effective). Beta-2 sympathomimetics have direct anti-catabolic effect that means that they block out the catabolic effect of high cortisone level and completely block the cortisone receptors. In this way, cortisone level reduces slowly without affecting the performance of its user. Their use should be started at the end of steroids’ cycles and continue it up to 10 weeks after the discontinuation of steroids so that the user can have the best possible result. 

At the time of coming off steroids, you should take diet according to the new conditions. I mean that at the end of steroid cycle when you stop taking drugs, your diet requirement automatically reduces as your metabolism comes back to the normal. However, you should be careful about your protein intake that should still remain high. You should reduce your workouts also and try to maintain your basic exercises.

To cut it short, adequate knowledge, ambition to lead a healthy life, desire to perform well and strong willpower to come off steroids are necessary to maintain the strength and muscle mass built by the steroids. There must have proper intervals between two steroids cycles so that they cannot affect your performance at the time of coming out.


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