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BlackHawk Holster Review for Conceal Carry and Tactical Operations.

BlackHawk Holster Review for Conceal Carry and Tactical Operations.
I received my Black Hawk holster in the mail today-I've received the poster from Amazon. com. The holster found its way to the standard Amazon packaging. I pulled out Mike Kershaw not slice the the top box open. Inside was my new holster for my Glock 17. I have always wanted the Black Hawk Cir. holster as I've had friends that have used this holster and really like the security and consumer of this holster.

Okay and first inspection this holster looks solid. The plastic injection is that not awkward like that scene of some uncle Mike cards. After a quick glance through on the instructions I fit my plot into the holster for the fit test. I have to say it fits rather well. I held the holster firmly in the gun in that room and tried tremble it there was very little vibrate room if any very snug fit. The secure also securely held it in but with a move of the Bangor you could release the gun rather easily.

I slid the holster into my pants line and then click on the Glock into the holster to see how it all fits together. I did so a couple of quick draws to see how easily I could erase it if needed. Have to say it's not bad obviously if the holster was without a secure you could draw faster but honestly without the secure your gun could potentially drop out otherwise. After several times drawing I don't really have any major complaints I just wish I could draw quicker with the push the button, I do think that the secure switch will break in and release the gun quicker in the future when i practice.

It's time to take the holster out in public areas. First on the list Walmart. So i drove out to Walmart with the holster install my waistband, pulled out in the parking lot. I reached over and grabbed the gun, pushed it into the holster it based, open the threshold and walked in to Walmart. I have to say I ejoyed carrying a gun around Walmart, it didn't really seem like anyone cared. I figure most people were thinking I was either, off-duty officer which I'm not do not have had any interest in the authorities officer but you have to admit carrying guns around in the self fulfilling and fun times.
I really enjoy using the Black Hawk holster. The holster definitely serves it purpose by Carrying your gun on your hip. A high level avid gun owner and own multiple handguns and you know that there are many Holsters for the right occasion. The Black Hawk pollsters wish for general use and is also useful in tactical situations.

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