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How can Microsoft Business Contact Manager help Small Businesses?

How can Microsoft Business Contact Manager help Small Businesses?
Small businesses, with a limited number of resources, use Microsoft Outlook for storing information and managing business contacts. The addition of Business Contact Manager to MS Outlook has further helped small business owners in phrases of marketing, sales and customer service. The software is available free of cost and it arrives with the following features:

Contact and their Action Management
Account Management
Direct Management
Excel Export support
Marketing Action Tracking capabilities
All these features of Business Contact Manager, alongside with MS SQL Express Database, help small businesses manage contacts more effectively, therefore, increasing sales. The database stores and manages all contact information and interactions. Be it an current customer or a potential customer, the database manages it all.

Business Contact Manager also allows you to sync contacts from different accounts including SharePoint and Windows Live accounts. Moreover, the information of all these contacts can be connected with the business’s account records. This helps keep track how your customer associations are evolving over time and provides insights on how to better improve them in the future. The contacts information that is stored on Business Contact Manager can be arranged in any way that you prefer. There are customization forms available and using them you can choose different tabs and filters for all contact information storage.

Business Contact Manager also allows you prioritize and sort tasks. You can choose for different ways of pursuing leads and the software will arrange it for you in a way that you do not need to worry about what to do first and what to depart for later on. In addition to this, the software also allows you to focus on your best customers and top selling products. This way you can maneuver your strategies to enhance benefits from these and sell your way to the top.

Another feature that helps small businesses manage sales is the ability to link MS Excel to the software and generate meaningful reports for random figures. You can utilize the sales figures to get an overall picture of your business’s standing with the help of Excel. Moreover, the option of connecting the contacts with the MS Excel reports allows a better understanding on the business’s position and helps derive new more successful sales strategies for future.

For small businesses, which have access to restricted amounts of resources, Business Contact Manager is a blessing. They can manage their contacts and sales details effectively leading to the derivation and execution of better strategies through better understanding of the current business position.

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