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The Bloom chair and other oddities

The Bloom chair and other oddities
When you think of “chair” probably the first that comes to mind is a plain basic design composed of four legs, a square horizontally-placed pad that you sit on, and back support so you can lean back and relax.

It is functional and yet by all accounts it is also boring. Some furniture designers, however, have taken the “chair” concept and have taken it to incredibly weird, fancy and creative heights that shock and inspire.

We looked at the website boredpanda.com and found some chairs which we think you will be interested in.

1. The fish chair

This chair is literally made of edible fish that have been arranged and stacked to make it into a functioning chair. But before you say “ewww”, here are some notes on how it was made. The designer actually used a process called lost wax casting, which essentially turned the fish into solid aluminum.

2. The shopping cart lounger

You can trust creative minds to turn the most mundane everyday objects into something else, like a lounger. While we cannot vouch for the comfort that this particular lounger provides, we can tell you that it looks functional provided you throw a comforter on it and do not mind rolling the four wheels underneath.

3. The chair for café

As coffee lovers, this is probably one of our most favorite chairs. The silhouette looks like a smoking hot cup of coffee. We’d like to see these chairs actually being used in a café.

4. The beautiful bloom chair

Made from fabric that’s stitched to a steel base, the beautiful bloom chair will make you look like you’re in some far away Alice in Wonderland garden with a seat that looks like a flower and that comes in moss green, red, light green and yellow colors.

5. The seatub

While we can’t say it is one of the most beautifully-designed chairs we’ve seen, we can say that it’s one of the more intelligently-designed ones. The seatub combines the elements of a chair and bathtub.
We’re pretty sure you can put this one in the bathroom for your child to play in, and if you’re a child at heart yourself, you can play with it too.

The chairs we mentioned above are really just some of the chair designs we saw. You might also be interested in the cut chair (which really looks like it has broken legs), the octopus chair, the pencil chair, and the tunnel chair.

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