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Self Defense Weapons
Self Defense Weapons
You might ask yourself, Do I really need any sort of women self defense weapons for the family or self defense tools ? Well, the answer to that is this. Most crime victims after being interviewed say that they always thought it would never happen to them. That they always thought that it happens to other people but, not them. Or they thought they lived in a safe neighborhood and they didn’t need any sort of self defense tools. Don’t be one of those people.
We offer excellent self defense products and self defense weapons and our TASER Products are excellent self defense guns and to sweeten the deal and to prove that we care about our customers. We are running a buy two get one free sale. and that is just the start. For every product purchase of two or more of the same item. We will give you one of the same item free. Buy 2 get one free. Buy three get 2 free and so on. On top of that we will give you a 10% discount on orders of $30 or more if you give us a social share on the social sites we provide here or if you join our mailing list (Coupons and sale offer not valid on Taser Products, coupon can only be used once per customer and can not be combined with other coupons). This helps you to save money and helps us to ensure that more Americans are protected from crime with our self defense products. Simply go to the page that has the product you want. Click on the coupons tab on the right and share that page or join our list and you will receive a coupon code that you can use on your order.

The self defense tools that we offer are top of the line and are very effective against crime. Like our tasers and stun guns. The major difference between these two self defense products is how they pass electrical current. And if your attacker is able to take you by surprise and knock you down, you will still be able to adequately defend yourself. And the knuckle blaster stun gun packs a whalloping 950,000 volts, which gives you all the power you will ever need to defend yourself.

Our self defense pepper spray lasts anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how much has been sprayed. So that will give you lots of time to get out of there. Our self defense pepper spray is a very common choice for women self defense and effective to.

Our tasers are our most costly solution for women self defense or any self defense weapons use for that matter but, they are much more effective and safe for the users because they can be activated from up to five feet from your attacker. This means you have the ability to catch your assailant by surprise and regain the upper hand. A great deal, actually.

Of course arming citizens does not sit well with Law Enforcement Agencies..They are concerned that this would only aggravate an already bad situation but, remember a street fight is a potentially lethal encounter, which means your life is at stake and it is your constitutional right to protect your life and your property.

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